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Firstly, thank you for taking a look at our Custom Designed Facebook Fan Pages services for business. We really appreciate it!

Connect with Your Fans on Facebook

Less than 4% of people ever come back to a fan page so it's important you get them to click "LIKE" so they see your updates in their news feed. Use our reveal tab feature to encourage your users to click "LIKE" on your page.
Make that first impression count!

Here's a few tactics we use and a description of what is included in Your Custom Designed Facebook Fan Page:

Custom Designed Facebook Page Tactic #1: Incentive Inspired Like Button

This is the real reason you need a Quality Budget Websites Custom Designed Facebook Page designed by Eric Edge as part of your Social Media Marketing strategy. Our pages are designed specifically to convert as many visitors to "LIKE" as possible. We do this by working with you to give your new Fans a little something special. Whether it's a free video, an e-book download, a discount coupon or facebook-only content is really up to you. What is important is that your Facebook Fans get treated to something special for their vote of confidence in you by clicking the "LIKE" button.

We create 2 pages, one page is the landing page for non-fans and a second page for fans with fans only content. So when a non-fan click the "LIKE" button they are redirected to exclusive content, reward or reveal a special message. 

Below is an example of a video we use for new fans:

Here's your FREE bonus video "Build Your Brand with Facebook"

FACT: Incentive Inspired Custom Designed Facebook Fan Pages Convert more visitors to "LIKE" than regular Facebook pages by up to 700%.

If you aren't using an incentive inspired custom facebook fan page, you are throwing your time, money and efforts away for nothing.

Get some ideas with our REAL LIVE examples: 

Quality Budget WebsitesFusion 7 RestaurantMojo Beach & DanceBig Red Carpet CleaningRobbin Miller Hairdressing

Custom Designed Facebook Page Tactic #2: Embedded Videos from YouTube

This works REALLY well, either as a welcome video or as an incentive. The power of online video is now a known fact, and combining this with your incentive creates a powerfully magnetic "LIKE" button.

Custom Designed Facebook Page Tactic #3: Newsletter Sign-Up Form

Once you have your visitor on your facebook landing page, and they are following your instructions to "LIKE" the page, and then watch your video, it's natural for them to continue to want more from you. So take this opportunity to present your newsletter sign up form (either on this page or on its own page) and watch your subscriber count go through the roof!

Here is a real example of an email newsletter signup form. Why don't you join our FREE newsletter, fill in the form and see how we validate the new subscription and you’ll be kept informed of new technologies and social media trends.

Custom Designed Facebook Page Tactic #4: Custom Side Panel Profile Picture

We exploit a little-known loophole in Facebook, which allows for your custom facebook page profile picture to be up to 600 pixels high! So we use this space to broadcast any message you want and present your business with IMPACT. We also lay this out so as to create a perfect logo icon for the thumbnail which will represent you as you use your page and interact with your fans and customers.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Let’s add up the value of each of the components and see what you are getting for your money:

All up there are 2 main pages:

1) Non-Fan Landing Page 2) Fan Only Content Page

  • Consultation for Incentive Inspired Facebook Fan Page $125
  • LIKE Action to Reveal Fan Page Programming & Testing $95
  • Custom Designed Sidebar & Profile Graphics $125
  • Custom Designed Landing Page Graphics $295
  • Custom Designed Fan Only Header Graphics $230
  • Fan Only Page Content Layout for Fan Page $345
  • 3 Additional Images Size, Cropped & Compressed $225
  • Custom Newsletter Marketing Signup Form $195
  • Automated Newsletter Signup Notification via Email setup $125
  • Embedded Fan-Only YouTube Video $75 each
  • Direct Link to Your Website $35
  • Customised Shortened Fan Page Link for easy referral $55
  • SendSend-to-Friends and FaceBook Comments Integration $65


TOTAL: $1990.00

Promotion Price: $597 You SAVE: $1,393.00 for a VERY limited time. So be quick!

If you desire, we provide an on-going service that is optional (NOT compulsory) to generate leads, more sales and takes away any worries and concerns. It includes automatic coding upgrades (Facebook changes its coding structure from time-to-time), any changes of pictures, text and YouTube you require (limited to 1 change per month); plus we *turbocharge your Custom Designed Fan Page with email marketing signup form, auto response (Thank you page), verification email and notification emailed directly to you for each new sign-up to your newsletter or eBook, report, or discount coupon page (coupon code provided by you). It's just $29 per month or pay 12 months at $290 per year and get 2 months FREE. And don't forget, as a business expense it's all tax deductible.

I hope you can see the massive value in having your custom Facebook page designed by Eric Edge. Your Facebook fan page will be specifically designed to convert as much as 700% more visitors to fans, growing your list virally and steadily while you go focus on your business. I only have enough time each month to build a handful of these, so order your custom Facebook page right now.

In addition, you may wish to consider a custom designed Twitter page for $497 and a custom designed YouTube Channel for $497, so you can have all your Social Media with the same branding, look and feel.

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